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What if we approach bathing in a way that evolves with us as we age? This bathroom system allows its users to isolate parts of the body to create a safe and relaxing partial bathing system.

Bathing becomes more difficult and less safe as we get older. So partial bathing is common in nursing homes and hospitals as a way to wash bedridden and less mobile patients through isolating parts of the body for washing. While safer, these systems can feel clinical and temporary.

With this design, I propose a residential partial bathing system which would not only make bathing easier for aging populations, but also would create a more relaxing environment for washing.

[Download PDF brief here]

  • 75-84 years old

  • Independent, but experiencing bodily changes

  • Conscious of water usage for financial and environmental reasons

  • Considering their future living situations: living independently, with assistance at home, in an assisted living facility

  • Need safer and more manageable way of bathing as their bodies, living situations and lives evolve