This body of research began Fall 2020 and focuses on climate change-induced migration and displacement. Research thus far draws from international law and domestic policy, history, anthropology, material culture as well as design precedent studies around refugee crises, colonialism, and community engagement. I approach this research as deeply interdisciplinary: a combination of reading and reflection, speaking with classmates and experts, gathering survey results about hypothetical scenarios, and making physical artifacts.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of my generation. With it comes dramatic shifts to society and culture, as well as ever greater inequality. This work is in an effort to understand this landscape further and propose new ways of understanding our relationship with our communities, cultures and belongings. 


This work is ongoing, and will be developed further through May 2021. 


[Download Thesis Reader here to view collection of work and written reflections completed Fall 2020]

Fall 2020-current, Thesis Research with Instructors Charlie Cannon and Beth Mosher

All work is my own, except as noted.

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